Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach Plus (HRP) [Vaca+] - Download

Download Instructions

  • To download, or "check out" the pack, follow the simple two-step procedure in the add-on HRP SVN tutorial for Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach Plus.

Windows Installation Instructions

  1. Insert your Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach into your CD-ROM drive. Optionally, you can copy VACATION.GRP/VACATION.PRG to your EDuke32 directory if you already have it, or VACA13.SSI, VACAPP.SSI, and VACA15.SSI from the CD if you don't.
  2. Run Caribbean.bat. The installation of the game will be handled for you, and you can run the game from the same batch file once completed.
  3. Periodically, use the SVN software's update function to ensure you have the most recent changes and updates applied to your copy of the data. You can view the SVN in a web-based interface.
  4. See here for further reference and support.

Linux/Mac OS X/Other Installation Instructions

  • Please see the Vacation+_Linux_MacOSX.txt file. Much more comprehensive support for non-Windows operating systems is planned.