Shadow Warrior Beta Analysis - Program


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As extracted from the .exe, the cheat codes are:

  • bobbing
  • swgod
  • switems
  • swwarp###
  • swall
  • swclip
  • swnext
  • swprev
  • swstart
  • swres
  • swloc
  • swroom
  • swmap
  • swvox
  • swsave
  • george
  • blackburn
  • randy
  • reverb
  • mem
  • cache
  • clear
  • xrepeat
  • yrepeat
  • translucent
  • help
  • sound
  • spriteinfo
  • kill
  • showsprite
  • showuser
  • quit
  • config
  • damage
  • winpachinko
  • tweak
  • trix

There is some sort of console by pressing tilde/grave (~ or `).

It crashes for me upon entering the menu when I try to load it normally in DOSBox, so I circumvented it with -level1 command line parameter.

MIDIs don't play; CD audio is supported.

I mounted the SW CD and it played the end-of-level screen music (track 2) for the first level rather than the normal track (track 3).

The sword is not implemented.

There are more frames for the fists of fury, like a palming sprite.

Occasionally, when you punch a hitscan wall texture, a reddish-brown Mighty Foot comes up and kicks, breaking it.

Shooting a ninja with the railgun crashed the game.

The weapon slots are juggled somewhat.

There is much more emphasis on shurikens.

The dustbin animation doesn't work.

Demonstration of beta Ripper Heart The Ripper heart has a maximum of 20 ammo rather than 5. It does not spawn an AI-controlled Lo Wang. Instead, it does... something. It requires several firings to achieve this effect, and the enemy spears to be in pain and blood spurts out, but no damage appears to be done.

The end of level screen is merely a placeholder. While the art for the Dojo scene is present, the ENDLEV3.VOC sound is not, CD audio behavior indicates no results track, and all that's displayed is the red SW main menu background with some simplistic statistics.

The difficulty settings are "Tiny grasshopper", "I kill you", "Very bad man", and "Taksan balls".

The fortune cookie sayings are, as extracted from the .exe:

  • You never going to score.
  • 26-31-43-82-16-29
  • You have come to chew bubble gum with ass.
  • There is hidden item just beyond wall.
  • Never forget reload weapon after battle.
  • 18-45-92-58-73-10
  • You a very bad man!
  • You have taksan balls.
  • Sorry, you no win this time, try again.
  • It all in reflexes.
  • You try harder get along. Be a nice man.
  • No man is island, except Lo Wang.
  • There is much death in future.
  • Grenade in hand, worth uzi in bush.
  • 13-64-99-32-57-19
  • You should kill all business associates.
  • (c)1997,3DRealms fortune cookie company.
  • You will succeed where many have died.
  • You're chi attracts many chicks.
  • You fly like lesbian seagull.
  • Tanaka, pick up stash in locker 29 - C.
  • Don't you know you the scum of society!?
  • You should not scratch yourself there.
  • Quick! Look out behind you!

More coming eventually!