Duke: Nuclear Winter Plus (HRP) [NW+] - Santa Mode

NW+ adds a mode to conventional Nuclear Winter where you can play with a Santa skin. This was available in the original NW version, but it was limited to the "Santamatch" level because it broke the new art of everything else. With the power of EDuke32, Santa mode has been redone to work anywhere, with the ability to switch your skin in-game! Unfortunately, swimming tiles were never designed for Santa, so Duke is still displayed in those situations. In addition, due to a behind-the-scenes fix with the use of 3D models for the player sprite, the Santa art is limited to the front view only when models are enabled and the player (normally Duke) has a model in use. This cannot be fixed until (if?) a 3D model is made for Santa, based on the Duke 3D model.

Santa and Duke