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The Saturn music pack allows the user to listen to the CD audio tracks played in the Sega Saturn version of Duke Nukem 3D in-game using EDuke32. By default, it will only replace the selection of songs used in the Saturn port with their new arrangements, but it can also be configured to replace all level music with the limited Saturn assignments.

This pack also serves as a full soundtrack, available in both FLAC and OGG, for your listening pleasure.


Ensure you do not have any loose copies of "duke3d.def" in your EDuke32 folder.

For OGG Vorbis encoding (high quality):

Copy to the "autoload/" subdirectory of your EDuke32 directory. If you would prefer "Aggressive Mode" (see below), copy there in addition.

For FLAC encoding (maximum quality):

Repeat the same instructions above, but with, as well as if you so choose. It makes no difference whether the OGG copies are in there or not.

Both FLAC and OGG packs are supported using the latest EDuke32 synthesis builds.

  • Normal Mode: The music tracks included with the Saturn version replace their MIDI equivalents. All music that is not replaced defaults to its original MIDI or VOC file or any other music pack loaded before this one.
  • Aggressive Mode:All levels have their music set to what they were allocated in the Saturn version, i.e. "Ah, Geez!" plays during Stadium. For multiple part levels, I decided which one works best, but if you don't agree, I have the other choices commented next to it in saturn_agg.def. For Episode 4 and removed levels, I set the Saturn track I thought fit best.

Download Link - Version 3.0 - OGG (63.5 MB)

Download Link - Version 3.0 - FLAC (298 MB)