EDuke32 Music Packs & Soundtracks - N64


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The N64 music pack plays the Grabbag theme song from the N64 version of Duke Nukem 3D (Duke Nukem 64) in the main menu using EDuke32. Optionally, it can disable level music as the N64 version did.

This pack also serves as a full soundtrack, available in both FLAC and OGG, for your listening pleasure.


Ensure you do not have any loose copies of "duke3d.def" in your EDuke32 folder.

Copy to the "autoload/" subdirectory of your EDuke32 directory. If you would prefer "Aggressive Mode" (see below), copy there in addition.

It is crucial to use the latest EDuke32 synthesis builds.

  • Normal Mode: The Grabbag MIDI and VOC are replaced with the N64 version. All other music defaults to its original MIDI or VOC file or any other music pack loaded before this one.
  • Aggressive Mode: Same as Normal Mode, but there is no level music, true to the N64 version.

Download Link - Version 4.0 - OGG & FLAC (4.96 MB)